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March 09 2016


Heating and Cooling Strategies for New Homeowners


For brand spanking new homeowners with a hvac system, you should know how to properly maintain the system. Almost all of the important for anyone who has never lived at home having an HVAC unit. There are a variety of things that will happen that may wreak havoc on the device, so it's essential to avoid some of the following mistakes commonly manufactured by homeowners:

Installing a Large System

Contrary to popular belief, bigger may not be better, mainly in the realm of hvac. New and inexperienced HVAC owners make the mistake of deciding on a unit that is too large for the home these are trying to acclimatize. The myth that's often believed is a bigger system will heat and cool the home far more efficiently. The other is definitely true. It could possibly result in a pricey energy bill with a unit that can't maintain temperature efficiently.

Maintaining your Thermostat Way too low

Inside the warmer months, it can be incredibly tempting to hold the thermostat as low as possible so that you can have a comfortable temperature. The problem is that it doesn't matter how low the thermostat is scheduled, mid-air only cools at one speed. Obtaining the thermostat set at the low temperature will not likely cool a property anymore quickly than leaving it in an adequate setting would. Also, leaving the thermostat too low can lead to the air conditioning unit working harder than it should. This can ultimately tax the system and could bring about extra repairs.

Closing Air Vents conditioning

Homeowners have rooms within their homes that aren't forever in use, just like an office or guest bedroom. A typical mistake which is often made is closing the environment vents in these rooms so that you can help push the air in to the other house. Achieving this could actually damage the ducts and the entire system since it increases the pressure of airflow. This may bring about leaks inside the ducts and other mechanical problems.

Avoiding Maintenance

The heating and cooling unit is probably going going to be the most used areas of a property, so regular maintenance is important. Many people defer this maintenance and consequently must pay the purchase price. HVAC maintenance is a reasonably simple task that just requires a bit of time monthly. Make sure the filters each month, modify them as required. Experts typically advise changing the filters every 90 days, however, this will vary in various regions due to increased dust levels. Also, make sure you trim any bushes or shrubbery throughout the outdoor condenser. Finally, use a professional technician service the device twice a year to ensure it remains in optimal working order.

Installing an electric heating and air conditioning system inside a new home can be a significant investment, so it is important to make sure it's properly taken care of. Avoid these common mistakes, and make sure how the air conditioning unit remains in good condition throughout the year.

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